Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Check up

Went in and checked the girls and they are doing good. But one of my hives has decided to make 2 queen cells. So in the next day or so I will Add more sugar water and go in and kill those queen cells. Also I will be swapping positions of the hives so that the weak hive will hopefully become stronger.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bringing the Girls Home

So this past Saturday I got my Bee Packages. And here is the install process.

This is one of my packages of bees.  Inside this there is a can of sugar water and the queen that is in her own cage.

Here is a better pic of the Packaged Bees.  Hey dad what do ya think?

Time to suit up. Here is dad aka camera guy putting on his Vail.

Here I am getting the Hives ready for the bees.  I removed several frames so I could pour the bees in.  This is a 10 frame hive.

I pulled the can of sugar water out so I can pour the bees in.   While doing this I realized that the queen cage wasn't attached to the strap and had fallen in the package of bees.  No big deal just have to go fishing for the cage when i pour them in the hive.

Here I am pouring the bees in.  Now if this doesn't get your adrenaline going I don't know what would.  So after I poured the bees in I had to go dig for the queen.

Here is the queen cage.  I used a rubber band to attach her cage to a frame with the candy side up.

Added all the frames.  You can see the rubber band that is holding the queen cage on the frame.

Here I added the feeder for the bees.  It holds the sugar water that is a 1:1 ratio of water to sugar. 

Here is a good shot of what it looks like when a package is installed.

After putting the inner cover and top cover on.  I laid the boxes in front of the hives so that the bees that were left in the package would walk out and go inside the hive.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Can't sleep

So I can't sleep for I am so ecited about gettingy bees in the morning. Not looking forward to the bad weather that is coming toward us. But that will not stop me from working the bees. I will post again and my have a few pics to upload for you guys Nd gals.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hive Tracks

Hive Tracks
 Here is a link to a free record keeping program.  This is a web base program and is a great tool for all beekeepers, from beeginers like me to the more experienced beekeepers aka not me!!
This program offers you to track every aspect of your hive.  

Brushy Mountian Bee Farm web site has two webinars on this website.  Check it out under resources.