Thursday, April 26, 2012

Checking hives

Checked my hives today and was a very good inspection. All except for the mishap of dropping so comb on the top bar hive.  I found egg in all hives and plenty for honey storage and some pollen coming in.
I dont have any pics of the hives this week but I did take a pic of where they are getting most of their nectar source.  Dad planted some crimson clover last fall and is amazing!  All you can hear is Buzzing in the air.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

First Inspection 2012

Today went very well. The girls were on their best behavior.  I inspected all three hives and out of all of them only one of the hives didn't have their queen released.  So I released the one queen myself.  The two hives that had been released, I also found eggs!

The first hive is my Top Bar Hive. This was the hive that didn't have the queen released.  They were eating the candy to release her so I helped them out.  They were building comb on 2 bars and it looked great!!

The second hive I inspected had released their queen and found eggs in many cells!  This is a great sign for just being in the hive for 3 days!

The third hive I found that it was the same as the second but better.  These girls were storing lots of honey!  I also have a second super so they can start drawing comb out.

I will not inspect them for another week or so.  I got a few pics to share with you.  Dad took most of them and also operated the smoker.  This is just what the doctor order!  When I grow up, I want to be a beekeeper.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Well went by the bees today of feed!  It was a rainy cool day so this was perfect for house cleaning and sucking up some go oh sugar water. I gave them about a gallon of sugar water.  I will go into the hive tomorrow to check to see if the queens have been released.  If they haven't released her, I will.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Back In Business

Well we are back in bee business!  It feels great to have bees back at home!
Let talk about how it went.

I installed 3 hives.
First Hive was a little tricky. This hive was the top bar hive. Everything went well till I forgot to remove the cork from the queen cage after dumping the package of bees on top of her.  So I had to dig her out and remove the cork so she could be released.
Second and Third hive went well and this time I remembered to remove the cork! lol

This season started out with a great experience.  Looking forward to learn how to work a top bar hive and hopefully be able to harvest some honey this year.
The Second and Third hive have mostly drawn out comb, so that helps with them getting started.
The next time to check on them will be in 4 days to check if the ladies like their new queen and released her. Pics of the new hives will be up as soon as I get some taken.  I left the camera at home.  

Friday, April 13, 2012

Starting Over

Well this winter was a total disaster! Got Mice in all my hives.  I learned a few valuable lessons.

One, I need to elevate my hives higher.
Two, I need to add a mouse guard
Three, Never move your hives just a couple hundred feet, if you need to move them move them miles.

So I am starting over! This time Dad and I are going to get 3 hives.  We get our Bees on the 16th of April. Im so excited!

This year I will be experimenting with a Top Bar Hive.
Here is a pic of it.